dinsdag 27 januari 2009

It Feels like the Weight of the World...

But I wanna just take this time out to be perfectly honest
cause there's a lot of shit I keep bottled that hurts deep inside of my soul
And just know that I grow colder the older I grow
This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold
and this load is like the weight of the world, and I think my neck is breakin
Should I just give up or try to live up to these expectations?

Artist: Eminem
Album: The Eminem Show
Song: Hailie's Song

For those who liked "VanZelfSprekend"...nieuwe track comin' soon...normaal nu al, ma moet een nieuwe mickabel hale...en met een beetje geluk deze week nog, ga probere voor morge, en who knows...deze week de track nog...alleszins, for those that don't know already, kdoe mn best.


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